Summer Show 2022 

Toby is delighted that he will once again be taking up residence in London for the Summer season. He will be 'at home' in Burlington House Piccadilly from Mid June until the 21st of August. He would be delighted if you were able to join him there for a glass of something restorative! 

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The work in the 2022 Summer Show, See below, shows a young Toby caught in a dilemma, his funds are running low and as he checks the dwindling contents of his purse his mind wanders…  Behind him the tempting, ‘come buy me’ products of the freezer aisle whisper and giggle, tease and entice him… Careful Toby! Your health is not what it was and one too many Southern Fried Thighs might be the end of you! 

Climate Control  copy.jpg


This works sister piece is, Out Of The Frying Pan (Toby's Dream)

A similarly sized work at 130cm X 60cm is available to accompany and compliment its Chillier companion. Please enquire for special rates! 

Tobys dream psd  copy.jpg